Too High

Flying high above the clouds
it’s hard to see the ground

clearly, it is still there
but the details fade in and out,

the streets and little boxes
with multi-coloured roofs,

the broccoli trees around
soccer fields and schools,

square, round and peanut
shaped blue pools or dams,

a child’s wonderland,
miniature for pretend play,

road and rail, plastic animals,
the imaginary landscape,

these and many more
distant and removed images

seen almost as if through
a thick lens, a barrier;

but coming down, nearer
the ground, once seen through clouds,

their reality protrudes,
approaching the size of real life.

18 thoughts on “Too High

    1. thanks tipota – you are right of course, the poem from my perspective is about the escape from reality from drugs (but it started with the airplane thingy – I think I was having a two way bet on the meaning – which leaves it maybe too ambiguous). But I think the title leads particularly to the meaning and the third last stanza.

  1. I like the broccoli trees too. That’s how I got Nick to eat broccoli as a kid – I told him they were little trees. Worked every time. I can relate to this ‘high’ feeling. I was given oxycodone in hospital and I definitely felt like I was flying. It was very unsettling as it wasn’t like a smooth kind of flying, more like a rollercoaster car in the air. Think I’ll stick to panadol from now on….

    1. Thanks Selma. Hospitals are strange places, aren’t they – it’s like you have no control over anything – I was just thinking about it the other day, reading Graham’s poems about the newborn, and all the memories of the hospital stay come flooding back – all the doctors and nurses that take control away from you and you just have to suck it up – that includes the medications they give you to – glad you are out of hospital now Selma.

  2. Oh, and don’t we just need to float off to those heights sometimes, Gabe, for sanity’s sake

    I’ve just written a draft poem about flying, but with a rather different take after a bit of an unexpected experience last week haha – too high, indeed

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