The Scream

There would be no subdued start,
no moan or groan, no tremulous rumbling
no hint of discontent deep in the vocal cords,
no gradual crescendo to the
peak of an intense


It began how it would end,
high pitched agony of breath
tearing through human flesh,
a tsunami roar of despair
against a blood red sky,
straight from an
Edvard Munch painting!


Note: click this link to see the painting Scream

22 thoughts on “The Scream

  1. When I visited Norway and Edvard’s home town and studio…I wondered how could such a beautiful and peaceful place engender such an image….I’m still wondering…loved the poem.

    1. Thanks Brad πŸ™‚ You are right, in that it would work well without the last two lines but I feel I must include them, as I have been obsessed with that painting for a very long time (it was mentioned in a play I was reading – can’t remember which one – the painting is hanging in the background and has to be included in the props) and the poem springs from the painting, not the other way around – maybe I could just have two versions of the poem – one with and one without the ending.

    1. Thanks tipota – part of this poem came from your post and the ensuing comments about screaming (the art installation where you scream into the microphone) – if you remember (it was a way back now).

      1. i do remember that we talked about that one together, we were both intrigued by the idea of the scream, that is too cool, and this take on the scream is so entirely different and original. you know, i thought brads comment about the last two lines was insightful but if you ever take out those lines you would just have to post a picture of the painting to make up for it haha

  2. This is just fantastic. The Scream is one of my favourite pieces of art (although I wouldn’t want it hanging in my living room – too freaky) – you have captured the emotions it evokes so well. Love the tsunami roar of despair…

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