Why do you sit in the dark,
insisting the drapes be closed?
Has the concert come to an end?
Is there no hope of an encore?
Has the manager called it a night?

Why do you cling to your house,
like a drowning man to a life raft?
Is there an enemy outside,
a sniper peering through a scope?
Has he got his sights on you?

Why will you not walk the streets
of this neighbourhood you chose?
Is everyone talking about you,
the villain in a made up story,
the old man in the haunted house?

Why don’t you search for the keys
to this invisible fortress?
Is their hiding place covered in dust?
Perhaps the keys are truly out of reach
of the frayed path of everyday.

20 thoughts on “Why?

  1. It is a beautiful portrait of the mind looking out of windows. The keys are a very fine touch — a sense of hope — you sense great space in those keys — I think we all have moments like this — and sadly for some people the moments lengthen into almost all — but I think the keys are a powerful symbol — maybe locked in, but not forever

  2. A friend of my family suffers from agoraphobia.It is very hard to come to terms with. Part of me understands it – the need to withdraw from the world, to stay somewhere safe – but the other part would hate to not get out and see the sunshine. I feel for your brother a great deal and hope that one day he can walk out into the garden.

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