9 thoughts on “Blow up the Pokies

    1. I am sure the problems are the same all over the world slpmartin – it is just the solutions that may vary and we have an unusual situation in that the current Government was elected as a minority Government with the support of the Greens and 3 Independents and one of the conditions was that the Government would support the anti-pokies pre-commitment legislation (hence it is causing a lot of headaches for everyone as it is not very popular with the clubs and pubs and some electorates). The Independent that forced the agreement is very brave.

    1. Yayayay – tiddlywinks it should be 🙂 It is interesting in Federal politics at the moment that with the resignation of the speaker (and therefore the Government is not as ‘hung’ as it was – haha) that there might be a backflip on the Pokies reform – gutless wonders!

      1. Oh yeah. Gutless wonders, indeed. I saw Woolies jumping up and down about the reforms and didn’t realise they own so many hotels. It just sort of disgusts me. Profit before people all the way. Blow up Woolies too. Hahaha.

        1. Yeah, I had no idea that Woolies had more pokies than anyone else – and that CEO crapping on about how Woolies is being bullied – hahaha – because people are questioning the relationship with pokies – these CEO’s really believe their own publicity – bluurrgh!

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