Decanting a Poem

The poet selects a bottle
from the cellar,

ponders the label,
wipes away the dust,

nods and smiles,
if it pleases,

sits down in that chair,
in that place,

slips the cork
from the bottle,

the brew,

letting it breathe

some words evaporate
some dance and rearrange
some stay to play,

the poem morphs once more.


My online friend Benedicte Delachanal (a French speaker) was telling me how she likes to put her art aside for a while before continuing to work on it (‘It is a stage of decantation’ she said). I thought that is a pretty cool way of describing the process (which I have previously referred to as ‘fermentation’ in regard to writing my poems  – funny how they both involve alcohol – haha! Synchronicity visited when Aletha Kuschan blogged about revisiting her artwork. So I had to write a poem about it.


Note: This poem was selected for the Third Sunday Blog Carnival.