28 thoughts on “Bubble

  1. These dear little frogs of yours, Gabe, look just like little ornaments – they are so perfect. Is their croak loud for their size (in the silence of the night, lol)? High, or low pitched? Love the photo!

  2. Do they get into your house or are they simply outdoors? My second oldest son, when he was a boy, use to bring home tiny little tree frogs and then they just happened to get loose in his sister’s bedroom…go figure.

    1. haha – an old but good trick 😉 They do sometimes get in the house Renee – last year I found a tiny green frog on a Christmas decoration – my daughter Tessa can spot them a mile off (whereas I miss them entirely).

  3. It’s so true. There definitely is quite a striking level of amplification with frogs. I think they have their own built in graphic equalisers. Love that little froggie. So cute!

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