Wrinkled Time published in Verity La

Wrinkled Time published in Verity La

Wrinkled Time

I am very excited to see my poem ‘Wrinkled Time’ has been published in Australian online journal Verity La.

You can follow this link to have a squiz.

‘Established in 2010 Verity La is an on-line creative arts journal, publishing short fiction and poetry, cultural comment, photomedia, interviews and review (literature, film and contemporary music only).’ (Verity La)

I’d like to thank award-winning author, poet and editor Alec Patric for editorial assistance and publication (and for the very cool image that goes with the poem – not my waterfall on this blog, but the one at Verity La – you will have to pop over there to have a look ;)).

It’s Melbourne Cup today (Australia’s biggest horse race) – have fun everyone, and good luck!

26 thoughts on “Wrinkled Time published in Verity La

  1. congrats GB, and you know I would love this poetic description of scientific observations. You know that I see no distinction between the real world, science and poetry. Well done.


  2. Mind bending poem, Gabe! It’s like concentric circles with the themes of the starting and ending lines (and the mystery of Madeleine) framing the deeper contemplations and mysteries of nature – wonderful πŸ˜€ Congrats (now I’m going to be trying to think of a straight-line example in nature all afternoon instead of working!)

    1. Thanks bluebee – tell me if you come up with something straight – haha πŸ˜‰ – though I don’t think you’ll have much luck – even human made straight things are not really straight I don’t think (eg., a straight road is curved on the surface of the earth). If you google the question, you will see there are a lot of people discussing this very issue.

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