Acacia Pollen
(Sonnet from the Pollen Allergic)

How do I hate thee pollen? Let me count the ways.
I hate thee floating on the warm spring air,
drifting so quietly this way, it’s so unfair,
the smell so sweet from gold acacia splays,
I hate thee for deception – you betray,
I sniff in bliss, forgetting to beware
the price of spring, the dreaded hayfever,
with inflammatory membranes and nasal sprays.
I hate thee as I hate the bankers greed,
the guns of war, dogmatic rage and rant,
well maybe that’s extreme, I do accede,
I love thee for your scent, hear me recant,
I’m ranting now, please accept my apologies,
divine perfume, sirens for sinuses enchant.


My apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning πŸ˜‰

Note: photo from wikimedia commons (flowering acacia)