is leaking,
soon to be dead
says Julian,
if the funds can’t get through

invisible gatekeepers say no,
Visa, MasterCard, PayPal,
Western Union, Bank of America
have turned off
the life blood,
a sacrifice
to stop further leaks,

jugular payback
snarl the offended,

let’s stop playing monopoly
groans Julian
and fetch a real doctor

16 thoughts on “WikiLeaks

  1. There’s obviously so much dirt to hide, here in the so-called ‘free world’. those concerned, will go to extraordinary lengths to hide the truth.

  2. If we do not stop playing ‘masters of the universe’ and face the need to dramatically change human nature that makes us react to ‘The Huns are coming!’ but to ignore signals from nature that we are well past sustainability, we are doomed. But how do you reverse millions of years of genetic code? I’ll send you what I am writing for an essay comp on this subject. You might not like the prognosis, but like Wikileaks, it speaks a truth and that is rare.

    1. Money makes the world go around, the world go around … One of the problems is that people won’t vote for people who espouse solutions that might deal with these issues – sigh 😦

  3. And yet for the malignant despots around the world, the blood is allowed to flow freely through the veins – a sick irony. An extremely powerful poem, Gabe.

    Your quote of the moment is an interesting one.

    1. Yes, that’s right (bit like the flow of armaments) – thanks bluebee – the quote is from a poem I wrote ages ago (I do love Julian but wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him – hahaha)

  4. Well, I wouldn’t want Julian as a confidante. Could you imagine if he was the one you told about accidentally dropping the boss’s toasted sandwich on the floor and serving it up to him anyway because you couldn’t be bothered to make another one? It’d be all around the office in minutes ( not that I’ve ever done anything like that….)

    Your poem is very timely and spot on. The powers that be don’t want to get their snouts out of the trough any time soon and if they control how much info we, the plebs, get they have a better chance of continuing to sleep on a bed of money. I have a friend who is a political journalist and she tells me some incredible stories. It really is shocking what doesn’t get out.

    1. Information is power – money is power – power, power, power – no-one with power ever wants to relinquish it. I won’t tell anyone about the toasted sandwich – hahaha. Thanks Selma.

  5. As I wrote in response to your comment on my blog, withdrawal of services is the corporate equivalent of “I’m taking my ball and going home,” stubborn child’s play, actually that is offensive to children, children have a much higher capacity for social integration.

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