It’s just a lazy day

It’s just a lazy day

Photo by Michael Bryden

Spring is in the air!

Photo by Gabrielle Bryden

Did I tell you the one about …

Photo by Gabrielle Bryden

Look for the light side of life 🙂

Photo by Gabrielle Bryden

What goes around comes around!

16 thoughts on “It’s just a lazy day

  1. Well as you move to spring we move to fall and winter…well winter in SoCal isn’t really all that bad for the most par…especially when I consider plight of my friends in New England. 🙂

  2. Oh, Gabrielle, what a perfect photo of the Butcher Bird. I am in LOVE with him. Your photos are fantastic. Tell Michael I really love the one of the daisies. He did a fantastic job. The colours are so pretty. The ferris wheel is spectacular. Wooo hoooo!!!

    1. Thanks Selma – Michael’s photo is fantastic (the flowers somehow look like they are floating – there is depth to the image which I like). The Butcher bird is a juvenile – he’s gorgeous and cheeky too 🙂

  3. Michael knows how to fill a frame – he’s good, Gabrielle, very good. I was also trying to work out what the bird was and thought it was a baby magpie at first. After reading Selma’s comment, I now understand the caption 😀 And as for the last one, often not soon enough!!! Enjoyed this fun post.

  4. Gorgeous daisies, Gabe. Isn’t spring wonderful? Your butcher bird is quite different from ours which are black with a white chest and underbelly. When I lived on a farm in KZN (KwaZulu Natal) my one fence was the larder of a butcher bird with all sorts of little dead animals hanging up to dry.

    1. It’s wonderful isn’t it – except for the occasional divebombing Magpie or Plover and prickles – I love summer too (so very Australian – days so hot you can’t be bothered moving – explains the attitude and the accent – haha),.

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