Serpent and the Eagle

Serpent and the Eagle

Serpent and the Eagle

Fugitive serpent

stormy swathe of hot desert air
disturbed by wings beating
shifting the scales

taken by surprise
grasped insitu
clasped in talon

raptor attack

moral supremacy
in the eye of an eagle

serpent is elevated
in death.


Note: Graham Nunn wrote a poem about an eagle, and yesterday I saw an eagle in the skies with a snake dangling from it’s grasp, and then I ponderated, and then Gaddafi got killed and then this poem popped out.

22 thoughts on “Serpent and the Eagle

  1. Great topical reference, Gabrielle.

    My puppy caught scent of a lizard on a log this morning. It (the lizard) looked very dignified until I allowed the pup to set it running …

    dignity: superiority
    camouflaged reptile: raptor’s eye
    the puppy’s nose

    What set the serpent running in the desert?

    1. haha – thanks j dub – a disgruntled populace always gets the snakes running from the undergrowth (that 1 percent better watch out 😉 ). Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

    1. Thanks Crafty Geen Poet – initially I was working it as a descriptive/literal poem about the snake in the eagles talons (as that is what I saw on my way to school) and then I was reading some stuff about the symbolism of eagles and snakes and the Gaddafi stuff seem to fit really well.

    1. You’re welcome Graham – it was a strange day in history – it freaks me out a little that video of his death (and other deaths) can go viral on the internet – it’s like a public adoration of the snuff movie – horrible stuff; and today they are all lining up to see his frozen body – argh – bit like when people used to flock to see public hangings!

    1. thanks Aletha – I was just thinking about that this morning – whether my form was significant (you think I would have thought about it before I wrote the thing – haha – maybe I did, again subconsciously) and that it was a bit like the quick attack of the eagle, so was ok.

    1. thanks bluebee – I love a double meaning – the ‘shifting the scales’ was also a play on the snake scales versus the scales of justice – but not sure if that really works (but lots of fun anyhow)

  2. It certainly works well on a number of levels but the Gaddafi reference comes through very strongly exactly as Bluebee said. Very powerful, very topical. I really like the image ‘clasped in talon’ conjures up. Excellent!

    1. Thanks Selma – I know he was a horrible person but having him killed like that was also horrible – I always thought he would go into exile (he did have plenty of opportunities to do just that – but it would seem he was too proud and stubborn).

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