35 thoughts on “I will come back to haunt you

  1. Gabrielle, this is very profound!! .. chilling message and effective use of language. I love it! Thanks for sharing ~ BlueGem

  2. This poem has got me thinking about the many harrowing intrigues behind the fact of the missing person – the reasons behind why someone intentionally slips from the face of earth without a trace (and am incredulous at how easy it seems to do this)

    1. intentionally or unintentionally bluebee (that is what causes some of the distress I am sure – the not knowing if they have come across foul play) – I have thought about it a lot too – why can’t they just phone or write a letter saying they are never coming back – lots to do with guilt I am sure, and thinking they will be pressured into returning.

    1. I have been meaning to write a ghost poem for a while now, and with the approaching Halloween – why not! (not that we celebrate Halloween much here in Australia – though some people do, and it appears to be getting bigger each year). I just lock the house and ignore the little kiddies trick or treating – hahahaha 😉

  3. This has the feeling of those old folk stories: they weren’t afraid of dread in those days. Fantastic piece, from the meter to the terrifyingly solid image of that cement boot anchor.
    Loved this.

    1. You need to read my tags Stafford – I always give clues in my tags (‘no one I know’) – it is from my imagination (given that I haven’t died as yet – not to my knowledge, anyhow 😉 ) – though the character in the chair may be someone who I have stumbled across years ago – I often use snippets of real life to provide the backdrop to the poem (but I mix them up so no-one will know who they really are) – it is definitely not about me, though.

  4. I also love that the river appears in this… I picture the Brisbane River when I read the ‘cement-boot anchor’ reference at the end of the poem… Sadly, while this is fictional, there is alot of reality that pulses in these words.

    1. Hi Brad – I really just wanted this one to be a basic ghost poem – not a social commentary – I think it is the last two lines giving that effect, so I might have to do a bit of rewriting – or turn it into two poems 🙂 thanks

      1. Yeah. The last two lines – it was there that I made a mental rewind and imagined the voice of the ghost saying something like ‘your drinking will be the death of me’. Anyway, intended or not, I enjoyed this one Gabrielle.

    1. I’d like to Selma – it was so much fun – I want to read more ghost stories too to get the hang of this type of tale 🙂 I am sure it was you that got me started on this ghost writing thing anyhow – haha – few months back (one of your ghost stories) – I always write a little note to myself to do a certain type of poem and then wait a while until the poem ferments in my brain – so thanks dude!

  5. I think you wrote narratively about dreams like this being fairly common, and that’s what I was thinking as I read it, while getting rather scared! Amazingly evocative picture poem! Transcends its dream origins, if that’s in fact where it did originate.

    1. Haha – when I read it I see what you mean – it is an almost exact description of a hypnagogic hallucination, including the fact that the man is drunk and asleep in the chair and the inability to move and the feeling of terror – but I wasn’t thinking of that at all! Maybe I was subconsciously – how strange. I was just wanting to write a simple ghost tale Aletha 🙂

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