21 thoughts on “Having a break

  1. I hope your break is for recreation and not something nasty. Whatever, hope it goes well and you come back refreshed.

    When you come back, I will be away (until 3rd wk in October). Totally recreation – apart from the travelling nightmares to get there and back – always a nightmare these days.


      1. that’s good. I used to love them too, just mooching around and listening to kids’ chatter and going to drama and music events for kids (much more exciting and innovative than the adult versions).

        Have fun.


  2. Enjoy your break. We have school hols starting on Friday. I’m looking forward to no more nagging about homework and maths revision. Trigonometry is going to be the death of me. Have fun!!!

  3. I love this photo so much. It should be entered in photo contests. This close-up version adds a sense of the surreal. The kangaroo watching is just as hilarious as the other two. For those of us who never see kangaroos (we see squirrels instead), you should have this permanently posted on your blog. Enjoy your kids!

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