Spring Shorts

Spring Shorts

rainbow lorikeet inspects
a collection of red
sweet liquid in a bottlebrush

red bottlebrush on show
for nectar lovers
colour intensifies with heat

Bottlebrush (genus Callistemon)

14 thoughts on “Spring Shorts

  1. Wow – your bottlebrush reds are so vivid – I’ve just looked at my little bottlebrush in the garden and it’s looking a bit sad and faded.
    “colour intensifies with heat” – like chilli, looks good enough to eat to a lorikeet – I love the way the lorikeet in the top photo is so well camouflaged

    1. That tree has come alive this year, whereas it wasn’t doing so good in previous years bluebee – we had to remove a nearby tree that spit dangerously, so maybe the callistemon is just happy to have the extra room and less competition.

  2. I do love seeing the lorikeets in the bottlebrush. Sometimes they just sit there and twitter softly. It’s so cute. I really like the line ‘sweet liquid in a bottlebrush.’ That is excellent!

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