Poem from Benedicte Delachanal

Well I asked for poems, and poems I did receive 🙂

Today is the first day of 2011 National Poetry Week and to start the celebrations I am posting this wonderful poem from French/Canadian visual artiste Benedicte Delachanal.

She was kind enough to conjure up an illustration as an accompaniment (it feels like Christmas 😉 )

Illustration by Benedicte Delachanal

to be or not to be

Je suis
I am
Of two cultures
Of two countries
Of both sides
of the Big Blue

You have no culture
no more,
they say

You have no language
no more,
they say

Je parle,
I speak


I am, je suis

My heart
is in the middle
of the Atlantic


Thanks Benedicte 🙂 That is simply splendiferous.

Note: It’s not too late for people to send me poems (and illustrations or photos are always welcome).

21 thoughts on “Visiting Poems (2011 National Poetry Week)

  1. I love this poem from Benedicte – it is simple, poignant and tells a big story in very few words (the illustration matches the poem perfectly) – two cultures meeting! Thanks so much for contributing with such gusto Benedicte.

  2. it resonates more each time i read it. it is a wonderful treatise on language and perfectly apt. as well as the feeling of being caught in the middle comes across but with a sense of laissez faire and even delight and the illustration is a smile-maker

  3. Thanks to you, Gabrielle, for giving me the opportunity to try something new and be so supportive.
    Thank you also for all these very kind comments! Beginner luck, nothing in comparison with all these talented poets you are all!
    Merci beaucoup, it was a lot of fun.

  4. I realy like this because I can relate to it very well being Scottish and living in Australia. Although the two cultures are very similar, there are differences and after many years you feel you don’t really belong to either country (not fully, anyway.)

    ‘My heart is in the middle of the Atlantic’ is an astounding image. It really does tug at MY heart.

    A fabulous poem!

  5. Très superfabulous et c’est très agréable a écouter un mélange of English and french and Freenglish and Engfrais, and to have it all accompanied by blue bleu lines lignes et heart coeur!

  6. Selma, I am so pleased to see that my heart is not alone in the middle of the Atlantic…
    after many years of high and low, I am now at peace with this issue and find it enriching. After all we all are from different places…
    Let’s talk freeglish! (I had to remove the n)

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