21 thoughts on “cochineal to carmine

  1. Interesting stuff here, the history, chemsitry and biology. Yes, I took the links and glad I did. Nature’s dye it may be but it is also toxic to some, so care is still needed when taking red drinks!
    Squashed beetles? No problem. We would shy away from many products we eat and drink if we knew their sources and production processes. Anyone for tripe? Blechhhh!

    1. haha – that’s right Stafford (best not to delve too deep)! – it raises some interesting questions for vegetarians though (not that I am one of those people) which I was discussing on twitter – people say insects are animals, but it just doesn’t seem that way to me (more like a whole separate category) – not that I am being philosophical with my poem – I just like the sound of cochineal and carmine from a language perspective (and the yuckiness factor from a kids perspective 😉

  2. Yeah, it is pretty gross but we all want everything to be bigger and redder, right? Actually, red food colouring is one thing I have a bad reaction to. I come out in welts and get quite breathless. I have to read the labels on everything now to make sure it isn’t in there and it is unsettling to see how many ingredients there are in our foods that are just numbers or weird Latinesque names we’ve never heard of. I find breakfast cereal to be really bad. That muesli that says it has dried berries in it is full of colouring. I had an asthma attack after eating it. Now I have to stay away from the red. STAY AWAY FROM THE RED!!!!

  3. Makes me itch just looking at it, the drink that is – not your lovely colourful poem 🙂 – have you read the book ‘Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World’ by Simon Garfield?

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