We went to the Wide Bay international Airshow 2011 yesterday. The weather was kind to us (though a little windy) and we had a hoot of a day. Those pilots have a lot of guts – I could hardly look at some of the stunts.

Have I mentioned I love planes šŸ˜‰ and the smell of aviation fuel – haha.

Michael and I shared his camera and took some photos of the planes flying in formation(so we have no idea who took which picture – doesn’t matter).

airshow shenanigans
bravado rules
keep your distance

is it a bird?
is it a plane?
where’s my glasses

v formation flying
daredevil pilots
hearts beat in synchrony

17 thoughts on “Formation Flying

  1. These pilots put on great displays, don’t they? This post has a certain poignancy since our own Red Arrows lost one of their team members on Saturday. We watched them at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, back in July, when I remarked that their safety record was incredible. I guess something had to give at some point.

    1. They certainly do Martin. At the airshow the commentator mentioned the death of the British aviator in his introduction – such a terrible thing – it’s the only thing that puts me off flying.

  2. Amazing skills, amazing shots… all by Michael I gather, except for the one of dots up there somewhere taken by Mum without her glasses. šŸ™‚
    Reminded me also of the Aussie team that followed its leader right into a paddock outside Sale about thirty years ago. It is a dangerous business

    1. Haha – very funny re. the shots Stafford – I did have my glasses šŸ˜‰ It is definitely a dangerous business – helicopters even more than aeroplanes (they just fall out of the sky).

  3. Those magnificent men/women in their flying machines wonderfully captured in pictures and words. A great montage, Gabrielle. I particularly like the fourth and last photographs. I wonder just how fast their hearts beat (and how how they manage not to throw up ;-))

  4. I love air shows. When my son was four they were too loud for him and he held his ears and flung himself to the ground yelling “Stop hitting me.” So we would be so embarrassed we’d have to leave. We were not hitting him and just laughed.

  5. these are gorgeous photos! these are national geographic-worthy! o but maybe you dont get national geographic there, i dont know, but it’s a premier magazine full of stories, reports and especially photos of fascinating things/places/etc all over the world. these are magnificent.

    1. Wow – thanks tipota – we do get the National Geographic in Australia (in fact it’s the only magazine I’m subscribed to) – we also have the Australian Geographic. My sister always wanted to be a photographer for the National Geographic – what a job that would be – ‘too late she cried as she waved her wooden leg’ – haha.

  6. The shots are the awesome sauce. The backdrop of the clouds is perfect. I hold my breath at airshows – I can’t believe the stunts they do. Such skill. It must be amazing to be up there!

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