22 thoughts on “Path

  1. I pictured that path too. I didn’t think it would lead me up so many hills and along so many ambling trails. But such is life.

    I really like this haiku. The photo for me is very Australian. When I first came to live here I went bushwalking a lot and I have walked along similar paths many, many times. The trees were very different to what I was used to – where were the oaks and rowans? But I can honestly say that bushwalking led me to love the Australian landscape. There is nothing like it in the world. I don’t mind the trails at all!

    1. I can understand the ‘culture shock’ you must have experienced – when I have lived overseas, it was the trees I missed the most – you don’t realise how well you know your own landscape, until you go to a completelyl different place. Thanks Selma 🙂

  2. A perfect summation of life in this lovely metaphored haiku, Gabrielle, complemented perfectly by the photo – (and nice to see the human again behind the doggy exterior :-))

  3. yes, you catch the difference between what i picture and where i step with a cool and quick twist (as it seems to me). …as you said, why bother with life if we always know where it’s going. …on the other side of that… wow, where life takes us. i think it’s best if i just go where life takes me now, far more interesting to be where i am than where i might have thought i would be… most of the time. ha. fun Gabrielle. ku, on. aloha.

    1. Thanks hames – I agree – take your eyes from your shoes and look around instead (plus you are more likely to notice the poisonous snake or angy goanna; as well as the beautiful trees and flowers, flowing water etc.,).

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