photo by Michael Bryden

shine the light

set alight this sky at night
illuminating man and the masses

satellite on a rigid path signals
torchlight on a blue and rocky planet

streaming messages to the humans
transmitting data, undeniable

little fingers spin a plastic globe
on a man-made axis

the disaster is streaming
live via satellite

set alight this sky at night
illuminating man and the masses

25 thoughts on “shine the light

  1. Note: this is a confusing poem (even to me – I was dreaming about it, like for what seemed the whole night – my subconcious is trying to tell me something but I need to listen better) – I may have mixed messages into the one poem – this is not about the riots in the UK, but some of that seems to have got into the poem – ‘out damn spot’.

  2. I like the repetition at the beginning and the end, and the image of “little fingers spin a plastic globe on a man-made axis” – one wonders about all that stuff streaming back and forth, Gabrielle – where does it go to?

    Nice photograph, Michael (who was trying to scare who? :))

  3. I like Bluebee’s comment because I was thinking about that subject the other day – all that information just flowing back and forth all over the globe – where does it go? Does it ever settle anywhere? It kind of ties in with your ‘man and the masses’ image. It’s as if all this information pulls us into a state of conformity. Is the internet really a form of social conditioning? (And yes, I have been reading Orwell again.) And if it is, is that what turns us from the individual ‘man’ to the collective ‘masses’? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just rambling.

    What I do know is that Michael is turning into a very good photographer. Please give him a high five from me!

    1. Thanks Selma – very interesting comment 🙂 I suppose what I was trying to get at was the that we have the information but we are not getting the picture about the dangers we are creating, at this very point in time, for our planet, but collectively we can do something about it, and must for our children’s sake (hence the little person looking down on his own plastic globe – a globe within a globe). It needs a few changes this poem – I sometimes get stuck on sounds and images and forget to fill in the detail – haha.

      1. you see Selma I also have the image of fires burning out of control (like the rioters or the aftermath of a disaster or war) – sometimes only the end result opens up our eyes (and then it is sometimes too late) to the damage humans cause.

        1. I totally get you now. I think I was focussing too much on man and the masses and went off on a tangent. What I like about your work is how it makes everyone think and invites discussion. That is really important and I wanted to thank you for always being so open to a variety of interpretations. Keep those poems coming, Gabe!

          1. Thanks Selma – I like to discuss interpretations sometimes (I used to like it when Paul Squires explained some of his stuff – puts a new slant on things) – after the initial reading and interpretation (so as not to confine the interpretation too much) – and it is good to clarify things if the poem is not working very well – we all think differently, it would be almost impossible and a bit boring to all come to the same conclusion about a poem.

  4. Fantastic photo and good post, Gabrielle! New technology does indeed shine the light so that everyone around the world can see things virtually simultaneously.

  5. Another great photo from Michael. And fantastic words, I like working in the subconscious at the moment, letting the words flow then looking for a message, and for a poem to have more than one message is a bonus and a tribute to the craft.

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