What book character did you want to be?

They did a straw poll survey over at The Barnes & Noble Review on ‘Growing Up: Favorite Book Character You Most Wanted to Be‘.

Apparently the boys (who bothered to show up) wanted to be the Cat in the Hat (Dr. Suess)- haha.

The girls top 7 choices were:

Nancy Drew (created by Carolyn Keene)
Jo March (created by Louisa May Alcott)
Elizabeth Bennet (created by Jane Austen)
Pippi Longstocking (created by Astrid Lindgren)
Trixie Belden (created by Julie Campbell)
Hermione Granger (created by J. K. Rowling)

Well, my choice is nowhere to be found – even in the long list that followed.

I wanted to be Tarzan – that’s right, as in the novel Tarzan of the Apes (created by Edgar Rice Burroughs).

I was completely obsessed with that book as a young girl and spent endless hours roaming the backyard pretending I was swinging from branches, high in the jungle trees, and calling out AAAAaaaaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaa.

I was a bit of a tomboy (but before you think it – there was no Jane in my daydreams πŸ˜‰ ). I guess I loved the power and freedom that Tarzan represented.

I also wanted to be Peter Pan, Sherlock Holmes, Lucy (The Chronicles of Narnia), Hal and Roger (Hunt Adventures), and Biggles to name just a few.Β  Oh I forgot – there was also Heidi (but that was because of all the cheese πŸ™‚ ).

Who did you want to be?

28 thoughts on “What book characters did you want to be?

  1. Jo did appeal to me, and later in life I found out that my husband liked that character too. And Sherlock Holmes. But really, I think that Bunyip Bluegum or any of the Puddin’ owners (because they left the horrible uncle and went and camped out and did good things, and had yummy puddin’ to eat), and the little devil inside me wanted to be a Big Bad Banksia man – without the stealing of gumnuts – just the characterisation and forthrightness always appealed. I now call myself the Good Little Banksia Lady, and yes, I grow banksias.


  2. I switched between Trixie Belden and Laura Ingles Wilder depending on whether I was reading or watching TV. Once I got the Little house on the Prarie books it was whichever one I was reading at the time…I can really see you swinging from trees though..gave a smile to the end of a very long day at the hospital πŸ™‚

  3. Elizabeth Bennet was my preferred persona, until I discovered Sidney Carton (“It’s a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done. It’s a far, far better rest I go to than I have ever known.” A Tale of Two Cities).

  4. hahaha, Gabrielle – your description of imaginations of being Tarzan (sans a Jane) are just hilarious. From the photographs that you have posted on your blog I think you must have been a very petite and pretty little girl, but from this (and the bite episode) clearly a feisty, fierce don’t-mess-with-me one too by the sounds of it πŸ˜€

    I wanted to be any of those children who lived near the Magic Faraway Tree, in the Famous Five or Secret Seven (my cousins and I had a detective club) and Peter Pan, but, most of all, I just wanted to be Japanese

    1. Haha – they didn’t knickname me ‘killer’ for no reason bluebee πŸ˜‰ I absolutely loved the Magic Faraway Tree and would have given anything to be get up to those magic lands. I also loved the Famous Five and Secret Seven (in fact I kept all the books – they’re in the garage – mouldy and delapidated – but can’t seem to get rid of them). A detective club would have been so much fun. You must tell us more about the wanting to be Japanese (maybe in a haiku) πŸ™‚

        1. I think we do bluebee πŸ™‚ I love vintage books – I did have a lot of old records but they got wrecked in a flood (well the covers did – the records themselves might still work but the covers are the best part of old records).

  5. I am with you Gabrielle, I wanted to be Tarzan! I also wanted to be most of the other Edgar Rice Burroughs characters I read about (John Carter, Carson Napier, David Innes, etc). I will admit that I also wanted to be some of his girl characters, too, as well as some of the other girls mentioned here (Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden). But two of my favorite girls have not been mentioned yet: Alice and Dorothy. I guess I have always been more partial to the fantastic adventures as opposed to the realistic kind. Oh, and the JRR Tolkien characters I wanted to be most were Bilbo, Aragorn and Gandalf!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your list of characters – I love the fantasy characters too πŸ™‚ – who wouldn’t want to go to some fantasy land where there are amazing creatures and places – and Yayay that you wanted to be Tarzan – haha. Sorry I took so long to respond to your comment, but my spam filter sucked your comment up and I just discovered it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting – always good to see a new face.

  6. I am just realizing that I watched too much tv in my youth, given that my recognition of these characters’ names comes only through my role as mom. I didn’t read anything! However, I used to watch “Mr. Ed” — but I didn’t so much want to be a character as to own a talking horse.

    1. That’s the good thing about being a Mum Aletha – you can catch up on the books you missed. We didn’t watch much tv as kids (only had a tv – rented – for about 6 months out of each year and even when we did have one, we weren’t allowed to watch it most of the times, except for the news).

  7. I too loved Tarzan. My dad was such a huge fan of the ‘Johnny Weismuller’ Tarzan films, so I would always be there watching them. But I think I would have to say The Phantom… always so cool!

  8. I wanted to be Elizabeth from ‘The Naughtiest Girl In The School’ by Enid Blyton, Cathy from ‘Wuthering Heights’, Carrie from ‘Carrie’s War’ by Nina Bawden, Tanis from the Dragonlance Chronicles and Tom from ‘The Water Babies.’ I also wanted to be Judy from ‘Seven Little Australians’ which is still one of my favourite books. I am going to go back and read all those books again. I loved them so much as a kid!

    1. I loved Seven Little Australians (the movie – I never read the book) and Cathy would be great. It is good to reread your favourite books from youth. Thanks for your list Selma. I am noticing the respondents to this blog post are mainly females (except for Graham) – just like the response to the original E&N straw poll – very interesting.

  9. bwahahahaha – i like that, Gabrielle – cool on you as Tarzan. i liked Tarzan too. in fact i read all of the Tazan books (seems like… were there about 40, 42?, 47 of them?). they do get to be a lot a like. but they are way fun too. i just paced them with a few other books in between. yeah, Sherlock Holmes – i like that list of books and stories too. then there are the secret agents – even more than double-O-seven and the space explorers and even at times the warriors.

    …there was one book, not a great writer probably, and i never remember his name. . . it was set in pre-history times and it fascinated me as a kid. it was the first book i ever read more than once. it was called Fire Hunter. it was about the spear maker of a group of people living among mastodons and dire wolves and saber tooth tigers etc… he is abandoned by his people for not following ritual in the right way – a rule – which is for most people a sure sentence to death, being alone. in his case it leads him to find ways to survive that most people might not figure out – but he is a thinker and explores, an observer and inventor and willing to try new things. yeah, that was probably one of my wanna-be characters at one time.

    before that, there was the girl who becomes stranded on an island when her people leave, because she goes back to save her brother – who dies. she and a dog have to survive and she does it admirably. that character fascinated me. the book was read to us when i was in 3rd grade (about 8? years old). later i found the book and read it myself in junior high or high school.

    i think i liked loners and adventure. that’s probably still true and why i read P.I. books now. i’m probably still on that kind of “against all odds” kick i suspect. life. ha. fun. aloha.

    1. Hahahaha – thanks Rick – I love the secret agent stuff to (Man from UNCLE etc.,) – some were comics I seem to remember, but way fun – I think they were my fathers or my brothers books/comics which got handed down to me. I just had the one tarzan book (it had the cover which I put on my blog) which I think was the original – but there were so many spin-offs (pulp fiction type thing – which I love too). I think a lot of people like the loner, against all odds sort of books – whats not to like – the underdog fights to survive and gets there in the end.

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