21 thoughts on “Temperature Rising

      1. Gigglesnort, guffaw and ROTFLMFAO – you crack me up Stafford. It’s just that frogs are easy to photograph – hahaha – and I’ve taken so many pictures of them that I usually have one that will fit the topic of my blog post – I could just steal images off the internet like you do 😉 I suppose!

  1. Froggy froggy froggy
    Oi oi oi
    He looks like a little froggy spiderman all stretched out on the wall there.
    Too cute.
    And yes, the temperature is rising, but the powers that be are pretending they’re as cool as cucumbers….

    1. You can’t tell from the photo, but that frog was tiny (smaller than your thumb) – they are stunning looking – I love the colours and the cute smiles 😉 Yay, froggy, froggy, froggy, oi, oi, oi 🙂

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