30 thoughts on “Blind Optimism

  1. bwahahaha – these are so much fun Gabrielle. i learned recently what the difference is between a frog and a toad – i needed to do a frog image and i was going to draw… because mostly around my place there are toads. . . i didnt want to draw a toad and have a knowledgeable being point out that it wasnt a frog… i should have come over here and looked at your frogs. amazing shots and way fun words.

    oh. . .

    frogs eyes in general are more round than toad eyes. toad eyes are more (north american) football shape.

    frog eyes sit more up on top of the head and away from the head – like buttons standing up on top of the head. toad eyes are more on the side and within the head shape.

    frogs leap far and high and clearly jump when on the ground or surface. where as toads take shorter crawly hops or crawl/scuttle along on all fours.

    …so frog hind legs tend to be clearly bigger and stronger than toad hind legs.

    frogs are usually slimmer. toads are usually more pudgy.

    frogs are usually (have to be) in or around or near water – as a pool, pond or stream etc. toads can be far away from that kind of water and be fine.

    …or at least that’s how i remember it…

    other wise. . . not a lot of difference. . . but that seems like quite a lot just the same.. once i know. ha.

    fun frog photos. aloha.

    1. Thanks Rick for all the info – there are some frogs that do have a strong resemblance to toads, but most frogs look a lot different (confusing – yes 😉 ). In Australia the cane toad is an introduced species and a pest and we are encouraged to kill them (humanely) – up North they have Toad Buster events http://www.canetoads.com.au/ where thousands of toads are killed once a year in a week long camping/toad killing event – yikes! We hate toads in Australia – they also have a unique ‘song’ which immediately identifies that it is a toad – my son used to get very upset when he heard the toad song and my hubby would have to go outside, often late at night, to dispose of the toad.

      1. yikes. yeah. there are plenty of positives about both toads and frogs. …and… a few negatives. there is a frog here – introduced – that makes such a loud booming sound that people can not sleep – i mean entire neighborhoods of people. so they’ve made and effort to… remove them. of course never mind human noise… sheesh. then there are the tiny arrow frogs here – not in my area but in other ares that are poisonous – easy to avoid. no problem there. they are cool creatures. both. (imo)

    2. Really interesting, Rlck. I now know that the frogs I had in my garden were actually toads. And there was one great grandad who was ginormous! Do toads have homing instincts, cos I had some living in the house who came back time and time again after being turfed out!

      1. aloha Adeeyoyo – yeah, i’m trying to be more aware of which is which. there are plenty of toads in this area. and yeah, i have noticed that each one likes it’s “territory”. or at least i see them return to what i’d call “favored” spots day and night. in the day they like to dig in and hunker down – altho i can find them repeatedly in one spot for a week or more sometimes, they will shift that spot to another and do the same thing – but often come back eventually to the first spot i saw them. i think it’s like the hunter practice of hunting only in one area until the game gets thin, while letting other areas repopulate. then they move into one of the repopulated areas and only hunt there. it makes sense. they dont decimate there entire territory all the time. but keep a cycle going. . at night toads here get out and hopple along across the yard or walks etc. snatching insects up. some of them do get quite big.

        i remember as a kid being in Arizona (usa) after a heavy down pour that resulted in flash flooding. and the yards were so thick with toads you could not step without stepping on one. all sizes. tiny tiny to big big. not quite as large as a basket ball – but may be half that size. i wondered where they were the rest of the time as it didnt often rain like that there.

        so, yeah, i’m not surprised that your toads came back to favored areas. i’ve noticed that the anoles (a gecko-like lizard) and geckos here are very territorial and will challenge another lizard that comes into their area with display actions and sounds and even battle if it comes to that.

        fascinating, yes. cool Adeeyoyo – and aloha.

    1. We do indeed Maxine – in fact it might be hardwired into us. ‘Rooku’ – thanks for that (I had to look it up – haha) – a great description for a thing almost like a haiku – this one just started out as a caption – but now I can see it as something more 🙂

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