champagne jelly

want to make a
raspberry and pink
champagne jelly
because it sounds
so good,

all it takes is
costa gelatine,
best pink champers,
caster sugar
and raspberries (mmmm)

bubbles in jelly
dancing in slowmo
under a pink sea,
effervescing above a bed of
raspberry seagrass,
waiting for the mermaids
to forage, sweetly,

sounds good enough
to eat,


Follow this link if you really want to make raspberry and pink champagne jelly 🙂

14 thoughts on “champagne jelly

    1. Haha – Stafford my thought process included the issue of the survival of the bubbles once they have hit the hot liquid of gelatine and boiling water – I guess I will have a better idea if I actually make the jelly (but I would rather drink the champagne 😉 )

  1. yummo – proof that jelly’s not just for kids – “raspberry is one of my favourite words” – ha,ha – a bit of synaesthesia going on here, Gabrielle 🙂 (this, and your liking of the word ‘conflagration’, reminds me of a childhood friend who used to love to say ‘rhododendron’)

  2. I am in love with your image of the champagne effervescing above the raspberry seagrass. The colour and movement you conjure up is spectacular. Champagne jelly sounds fantabulous – completely my kind of thing. Wibble wobble slurp!

    1. Haha ‘wibble, wobble, slurp’ – sounds like a good advertf Selma – I think I will just have to make some of this champagne jelly (they did it on Masterchef and I have been thinking about it ever since).

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