Having fun with photos

Having fun with photos

'great gardener' by Michael Bryden

My ten year old son Michael loves to use his camera, and this is a photo he took of me in the citrus/chook garden area of our backyard. He likes to use the ‘frames’ that come with the camera and I think they look great too.

He labelled the photo of me ‘great gardener’. Isn’t he a sweety!

I wish it was true, but I have been a bit slack in the gardening department in the last year. I plan to get stuck into it soon – promise ;).

'best sister' by Michael Bryden

I am trying to get Michael to be systematic with his photography, which includes downloading the images onto the computer and creating some sort of filing system for each download (eg., folder labels). He got a bit carried away one day and labelled individual photos.

'silky chickens' by Michael Bryden

I am only telling you this because it was so funny when I heard Michael mumbling under his breath about what a pain it was to label each photo. He’d taken some photos of discarded finch boxes and was getting sick of trying to work out new labels for each one. In the end he got down to ‘another old nest’ and ‘I’m getting sick of this’ – haha.

'I'm getting sick of this' by Michael Bryden

Those Gouldian finches sure do a lot of work to make a nest – amazing stuff.

Michael so loves his sister šŸ™‚

Photo by Michael Bryden

Here’s a ‘creepy kangaroo’!

'creepy kangaroo'

Well done Michael – you’re a champion photographer and creative labeller šŸ™‚ !

15 thoughts on “Having fun with photos

  1. Lovely photo’s from Michael! His composition is spot-on and I also like the frames. I too find it difficult to label the photo’s, especially where the subject is the same.

  2. You could do a book together…his photos, each with a GB poem to fit! We know from this the photos would be a hit, so it’s up to you, Mum!

  3. You are an awesome photographer, Michael.

    I love his captions, actually. I am a bit of a caption person myself and understand how tricky it can be to come up with an appropriate one. ‘I’m getting sick of this’ says it all. I have used that one myself.

    Keep taking those snaps, Michael. You rock!

  4. I just love this post, Gabrielle – would love to see Michael’s labels for some of the famous photographer’s so-called works of art! That creep kangaroo is excellent and very creepy, indeed šŸ˜€

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