9 thoughts on “‘This is Tomorrow’ Bryan Ferry

  1. It is a bit of a jump.
    When I was a kid, we saved up and paid for today today. For the last fifty years we have paid for today tomorrow. But now, we have to pay for tomorrow today or we are stuffed!
    Does that make sense to anyone? If so, explain it to me l might give Tony Abbott a call. He’ll have an answer. Send the white coats!!!

    1. haha – couldn’t agree more Clare (I think this is the best he has ever looked in his videos – sometimes his hair does strange things – well in the 70s everyone’s hair was doing strange things – but here ‘his hair was perfect’)

  2. Haven’t heard that song for years. It still sounds good. And Stafford – We’re gonna stop the boats, the goats and the men in the white coats when tomorrow comes calling!

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