One of the best things about reading a range of blogs by writers and artists is the inspiration for your own writing. Sometimes after I have written a poem I realise that the theme or content of my poem is running along similar lines to those in the work posted on other peoples blogs.

Often I am not even aware of this happening until after I have posted. Othertimes a sparks goes off in my brain and I think ‘I must write a poem about that’.

For example, bluebee’s poem Surface Tension and Aletha’s prose (The sky above, the sky below) on Koi would appear to have had a subconcious effect on my development of a dive so deep. Thanks guys 🙂

Koi slide between currents of water, the water like glass discloses the sky to me. But what do the koi see? What do they think about the clouds above them, the depths of blue? How do they feel breaking the surface and feeling the air, knowing in that brief moment a not-water world that lives above them?  written by Aletha Kuschan

What do fellow bloggers think about this? Does it happen to you too?