6 thoughts on “A price on carbon – in 5 easy steps

    1. Whatever approach is taken needs to be comprehensive and not piecemeal (such as recommended by the opposition, who don’t really believe in climate change – but don’t have enough guts to say that in public – and want to just throw a few conciliatory dollars the way of alternative energy souces in a useless ‘targeted’ strategy).

    1. Can you imagine in this day and age Stafford, bringing out the reds under the bed argument (greens are watermelons – red on the inside) – what complete flufflewunkers – hahaha! Show me your membership card Stafford – I want to see what colour it really is 😉

  1. Those bloody commies always wanting a cleaner, greener world. It’s just sickening 😉
    I watched it on YouTube and wouldn’t believe the amount of negative comments it received. Well, you would. Middle, conservative Australia has a lot to answer for. What a bunch of plonkers. And the fight goes on….

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