My poem ‘Why do we hate the crow?’ is on ABC Radio National (all on it’s lonesome) this Saturday at 2.35pm (I am told) after the 360 documentary.

You can also listen on the ABC website here (I have put it up before so feel free to skip if already listened to it).

It appears to be courting controversy – bwhahahaha – with an irate listener saying ‘we hate that poem’ (you can read the comment here).  They have sort of missed the whole point of the poem and think I am having a dig at the crow, which could not be further from the truth. I am a great admirer of the intelligent crow. If I am having a dig at anyone it would be your yobbo on the street who would shoot a crow quicker than reversing his monaro out the driveway. The poem is about our fear of death and the motif of the crow as messenger of death.

The commenter also notes that ‘stilted prose shuffled into verses does not make poetry.’ I agree totally, that is why poets use metaphor, imagery, metre, rhythm, sound, and other devices 🙂

But I do admire the commenter for standing up for the crow!