22 thoughts on “A dive so deep

  1. I’ve always enjoyed watching programmes about the ocean and diving…but have too much fear to ever one to take a deep dive.;-) The end of the poem was a fine twist.

    1. Me too slpmartin – that ain’t me diving in the poem, that’s for sure (the ocean scares the hell out of me) – I was thinking more of the diving into water from the edge, rather than snorkelling or that sort of thing (but it works both ways, so cool).

  2. Your line about diving toward the world we’re supposed to live in hit home for me. As a former scuba diver (can’t do it now because of ear problems) I felt that every time I went down deep. There is a sense of fear about the depths but also a weird sense of belonging. We did come from the waters, after all. Your insights never cease to amaze me. Excellent poem!

    1. Scuba diving – wow – I’m jealous Selma (at least you have tried it) – I would have a panic attack, for sure (I nearly had a panic attack just practicing snorkelling in a pool a while back – haha – I’m hopeless).

  3. Ah, yes, it’s always tempting to stay down there and dive ever deeper…(night)rogen narcosis – I enjoyed the many layers in this one, Gabrielle

  4. An ocean dream/nightmare, perhaps had from living so near the ocean? Me, mine incline more from sky — I dream I am falling in the sky and am happy to find myself having “landed” back in the bed just a little shaken but still here …. Though I paint the koi, mine is more a sky world. It’s strange to think that even the peaceful sky can represent one’s fears … very much of a puzzle, that. I love your poem.

    1. Fascinating – and here I was thinking everyone had the deep dive dream – mine is nothing to do with the ocean – in my dream it is just a body of fresh water which I dive head first into and I have had that dream since at least a teenager (and didn’t live near the sea then). I have also had the falling dream and wake myself up with the jolt of landing (that is a universal dream I am sure). The good news is my nightmares are equally matched by fantastic flying dreams (I had one last night) where I flap my arms and fly all over the place – too much fun. I love your Koi Aletha 🙂

  5. You know, reading it again, there’s so much in this poem — especially about being here where we belong — and yet I can’t say — I can’t really say more than what I said above. What a terrific poem, it is. In the full sense of “terrific” — splendid, wonderful, intense — and inspiring terror. Both qualities and sublime, like Wordsworth or something.

    1. Thanks Aletha (5/5 for that comment – haha) – it is supposed to be terrifying in a way, and a warning of course for those who like to live to close to the edge or go right over the edge in fact.

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