18 thoughts on “Trust

  1. hmmmm… aloha Gabrielle. …i think we can trust the river to be the river. i know the feeling – it can be treacherous. …still… i have to trust that the river does not intend me harm even if i am harmed by it.

    i know your words are really a railing against the gods of river. still… i think i’ll trust the river to be river – and may be i better not forget that… in which case, may be i better trust and be prepared at the same time.

    heart felt Gabrielle – sometimes it is good to vent. i suspect there is a lot of that going on in this.

    hmmmm. again. …even tho, yes, the river does not love us, i can still love the river. interesting. even tho it brings the good along with the same lack of intent as the bad – yes, i can still love the river. so… love the river and pass the sand bags. yeah. i think that will be what i take from your poetry.

    1. Haha – thanks Rick for your fulsome response – yes, we still love the river and must love the river which provides much needed water and means of transport etc., I think a lot of people are thinking twice about living too close to any river, stream in this State. This poem is a bit strange I’ll be the first to admit – I have been writing a long poem about the floods (separate to the blog) and this one came afterwards, so is a bit out of context. It is 6 months since the big floods in Queensland and there have been lots of stories in the paper about the after effects – which I was going to write about – but this one popped out instead. Aloha!

  2. Love the river, Gabrielle. Just don’t trust it… Floods can be dreadful, but if they are a regular occurrence one should take precautions if one can. We need the water and will do so more and more in the future.

    1. Yes slpmartin – that is the other issue – climate change is already impacting on El Nino and La Nina, which then has an impact on us – the increase in the ocean water temperatures this year had a direct impact on the amount of rain we received.

  3. The first poem I ever read of yours (and ansolutelly loved) was ‘Brisbane River’ (have just gone back to read it again on your Flood update post). Admired the way you characterized it there as this unempathetic, almost malevolent, force, and how you have built on that theme here in ‘Trust’.

    PS – love your quote of the moment 😀 Trollpants 2.0’s blog writes fairly regularly (and always irrverently) on the subject of cheese

    1. Thanks bluebee – it is strange but my original poem ‘Brisbane RIver’ was written before the floods (I did repost if after the floods as it seemed apt) and is a poem that I wrote after finding out about a friend whose body was found in the river (he’d had a heart attack but we didn’t know that till long after). I will check out the trollpants blog about the cheese :).

  4. Very thought provoking poem — I trust Nature, but I realize that Nature has so much power and it can overwhelm us and it was always this way. And yet haven’t people always been divided about their love for Nature and their fear? I think if anything, today, we do not love Nature enough. We do not heed Nature. It’s like we need to pay more attention. It is reality, after all.

    Your poem really makes a person think, indeed.

    1. Thanks Aletha – I agree we need to love nature more (that wouldn’t be hard as we are doing a pretty bad job of respecting nature at the moment – humans as a whole, not individuals) – but nature will still ruthlessly strike some of us down even if we treat nature with the utmost respect.

  5. I totally agree with and second slpmartin’s comment. The first thing I thought of when I read your poem was climate change and how the environmental diasters we have faced lately have eroded away our trust. Is this what will happen? Will climate change cause us to turn away from that which we love? I hope not, but it sure is food for thought.

    1. All these comments are making me think now Selma 🙂 I wrote it mainly from the perspective of fear of nature and the distrust that sets in after you have experienced a natural disaster, but it also applies to climate change – maybe we will turn out back even more against nature (that would be terrible – we are bad enough as it is – the apathy out there towards our one and only planet astounds me).

    1. Interesting that you think of the Brisbane river as a she and I think of the Brisbane river as a he Graham – haha – I do love that river and he/she is what makes the city of Brisbane – we just saw a side of the river that took us by surprise (we had taken the relationship for granted – not that we could have done too much to mitigate the damage).

  6. I love how you’ve personified and made a villain of that river! Water is always a treacherous necessity and the fact that you’ve made if a wanton lover cheating with La Niña is very freaking brilliant Gabe. 🙂

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