19 thoughts on “Beautiful Minds – Stephen Wiltshire

  1. I had a friend who had perfect visual and auditory memory…I really hated lecturing at her campus when invited because it meant I had to produce new research to be invited back. 🙂

    1. Certainly under-utilised adeeyoyo 🙂 There is a theory if one part of the brain is shut down than other parts become over developed (a bit like if one of the senses is shut down than the others get better at what they do).

      1. Outrageously so! 😀

        I had seen a documentary on Stephen before, but his talent never ceases to enthral, Gabrielle. It must be quite exhausting for him.

        1. It looks exhausting but maybe he goes into a trancelike state which may in fact be relaxing (I am sure the rest of his life would be exhausting – the dealing with people etc.,)

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