Guest Blogger – Graham Nunn

Today I would like to introduce you to Brisbane based poet Graham Nunn of blog Another Lost Shark. Graham is an award winning poet with numerous published collections; he is also the co-founder of legendary spoken word event Speedpoets.

He would have to take out the award for most energetic person around and is involved in so many poetry-related events that I can’t name them all. If you haven’t read his blog, you are missing out on top-notch poetry (especially haiku) and commentary on many things poetry and musical. He is also a huge Bob Dylan fan (what more can I say).

Graham kindly answered my usual two questions (before he flies out to the USA for a holiday).

Why do you blog?


For me I subscribe to the theory that if you are going to call yourself a writer, then you have to write. Another Lost Shark provides a ready made space for this writing and the necessary kick to make sure it is regular. All things permitting, I write every day. Of course, every day looks and feels different and this influences what I write. On those sacred days when there is space and silence, I tend to write poetry. There are other days when my head is buzzing with music, so on those days, I tend to give myself over to the sounds. I also like to post details about local events and other happenings. Then there are times when I feel the need to reach out, so in those times I like to knock out a few questions and shoot them off to one of the many amazing writers I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. It all seems to balance itself out and hopefully it keeps the site vibrant.

And of course there is the community aspect… writers like to have an audience and I am no different. Another Lost Shark has provided an amazing platform for me over the last few years and has helped me connect with many people, who I may otherwise have never had the privilege of meeting. A great example of this is the fund raising I was able to do during the floods. In just over two weeks, I was able to sell in excess of 100 books and raise over $2000. The blogosphere is an amazing space!

What do you like most about blogging?

At the end of a day, I love knowing that I have a reason to sit down and write. It helps me filter through the debris of the day; helps me to relax, open my mind and make the move into a more creative mind space. In fact, I would say the space it creates is somewhat meditative. When I don’t get the chance to sit and write, I am always a little more irritable the next day.


Thanks Graham πŸ™‚ and bon voyage

22 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – Graham Nunn

  1. I can finally comment here! Yay! I’m a big Another Lost Shark fan – thanks for featuring Graham. I too enjoy the way you introduce us to other bloggers – kind of highlights Grahams point…it truly is an amazing communal space, this blogger’s world.

    1. Thanks Maxine. It is a strange place the blogosphere but much like the real world – I go to lots of different blogs and the same names (commenting) pop up over and over, but I sometimes feel like I’m at a party – when you stand in a group and you aren’t quite sure who some of the other people are – you feel you need an introduction before going over to their blog (or maybe that is just me – hahaha). I think I could write a book on the blogosphere, it’s so interesting.

  2. enjoyed this very much. another lost shark is always n my list of must-reads. graham offers so much in the ways of writing and music and what is happening in the current scene both in brisbane and worldwide. a pleasure!

  3. What an inspiring man. I have also found that blogging gives me a reason to write each day and also allows me to play around with ideas and so on. I like the theory that if you are going to call yourself a writer, then you have to write. I will subscribe to that too. Thanks for a great interview and for the introduction to a fabulous blog!

    1. You’re welcome Selma – you seem to already subscribe to the ‘then you have to write’ theory with your regular blogging – I think it is an essential philosophy for a writer – not everyone does (there seems to be a lot of ‘writers’ who think if they wait long enough the words will start flowing of their own accord by pure inspiration).

  4. great post Gabe,
    another lost shark and Graham truly deserve more audience.
    for me too, it highlights some of the reasons for blogging, many of them I have only discovered long after starting with it.
    I wish I had the powers to sit down and write every day. I know it works but cannot always fight with lady muse. in the last two month for example I have written no more than three new stuff, very bad indeed. what works for me even better than “forced” writing is reading, reading and reading more and as versatile as possible.

    1. Reading is always a good source of inspiration Dhyan. I don’t like to think of it as ‘forced’ writing – sounds horrible – just regular writing that occasionally results in something more inspired – it’s like the brain gets used to the exercise and is more receptive to the creative juices flowing when you sit down and write. I like to write partial notes, ideas, concepts, themes and words I like etc., and then leave it and my unconscious does most of the work while I am doing other stuff.

      1. I agree it sounds bad, but that doesn’t mean it is bad.
        I, too, like to collect notes, lines and so and as I said I wish I could force myself to write until something inspired comes. I cannot though I know it works, and once it works – inspirations flows for some time undisturbed.

        Any way one chooses is good and fitting so long no one forces the inspiration out, blocking it might cause a real damage or create problems of self development. Or so I believe.

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