call the police

fugitive thought bubbles
(escapees from solitary confinement)
were last seen
on the run,
in bad light,
facebook posted,
associating with
unsavoury youtube comments

Inspired by Selma’s hilarious comment made on my blog post about privacy:

My fervent hope is that someone doesn’t invent an iPhone App that can read our thoughts a la ’1984′

17 thoughts on “call the police

  1. ha, ha – just read Selma’s comment – an irreverent picture you paint here, Gabrielle 😀 (I think there would be no-one left in hot pursuit because everybody would be on the run, frankly)

    1. Haha – nothing would surprise me now Dhyan – apparently you can now communicate with a computer just by thinking (with some electrodes stuck to your head and connected to the computer)!

  2. Hahaha. Absolutely brilliant. But you realise the more you talk about this the more likely someone is to invent that App. Not that I’m paranoid or anything 😆

  3. If they ever invent an app that can read a person’s thoughts, I better get one. Half the time, I don’t know what I’m thinking myself. “Why always the last to know,” I ask myself …

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