Lemonade Tree – Bunnings delivered!

Remember my Meditation on a Lemonade Tree? Well, Bunnings delivered on it’s promise.

It tastes as good as it looks!

The fruit tastes like a very sweet lemon (beautiful).

Lemonade Tree
The wonders of chook poo!

The chooks did all the work. The only thing I did was the occasional water.

Happy Days!

20 thoughts on “Lemonade Tree – Bunnings delivered!

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    1. Good luck with that slpmartin. It’s funny but when I lived in Brisbane (a big city) my veges were always getting eaten by possums and I gave up. Here I don’t have the same problems – even the kangaroos and rabbits (before we got the fence) didn’t bother with my veges – maybe someone down the street has tastier veges (its a mystery to me 😉 )

    1. Definitely Dhyan 🙂 and fresh organic, free range eggs on the side. I would like to be much more self sustainable one day – food, water and energy (but I won’t be eating my chickens 😉 ).

  1. So can you eat the fruit the way you would an orange? That would be amazing. Does it smell sweeter than your average lemon tree? I want a lemonade tree so much. How cool. I definitely second the lemonade stand!

    1. Yes you can Selma (no bitter taste and screwing up the eyes) and they are as big as navel oranges. I’ll have to check on the smell thing – I also have a big lemon tree, but it doesn’t have many fruit (I’ll go and smell it this afternoon 😉 )

  2. Every one with a garden should have a fruit tree, hard to describe the feeling of picking your own fruits. I have a sour cherry tree and an asian pear tree in a small city garden. The squirrels love my garden!
    Your lemonade tree is very impressive!

    1. Thanks Ben 🙂 your trees sound wonderful – I remember your (visual) clafouti recipe (in fact I have it here right in front of me, as I was clearing my desk on the weekend).

        1. No I never made it from your recipe Benedicte – cherries are a bit hard to find at the moment (or so expensive – they are in season around Chistmas time) – do you use the sour cherries from your tree? I do like the sound of clafouti.

          1. You can do a clafouti with any fruits, plums, dried prunes, apples apricots etc… The traditional recipe is with cherry.
            Yes, I use my sour cherries in fruit salads, cakes etc and I freeze them for winter. I also like that word, clafouti, very funny soound.

  3. We made the lemonade today – I can’t believe how much sugar you have to use to get it tasting like the stuff in a can – Michael said ‘Mum, that’s not true what you said about it tasting just like the stuff from the shops’ – hahaha – it looked quite brown because I used raw sugar – but I think it tasted fine (the kids did all the squeezing – so that was a good use of child labour 😉 ).

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