20 thoughts on “‘I’m a climate scientist’

  1. I’m not a climate scientist either nor a rap fan but I have been reading climate scientist reports for at least forty years so I do have an educated opinion. I have been suffering rap for far less and have an uneducated opinion, but if that is what scientists must do to get the message out, GO RAP!!!
    Thanks GB, and as for Andrew Bolt… are you sure he didn’t sneak out of Jurassic Park?

    1. Hahaha (Jurassic Park) – I would love to blog about the Dolt, but I couldn’t help but break my rule about insulting the individual 😉 I thought you would like the video (even with the rap).

    1. It certainly is squirrel. I was watching a show last night about climate change and some bloke said that denial often peaks right before the disaster and then action happens (great – all a bit too late) – it is already too late in some aspects as there will be an increase in temperature that is unavoidable – it is the amount of increase that we can do something about (only if we make massive changes and we’re not doing anything much at the moment – and humans are supposed to be smart).

  2. Clever. The Climate question is a lot like the vaccination question. Difficult to find objective , informed information & research without a vested interest.

  3. Oh this video and necrotizing fasciitis…would have made a good pair….I just love the video…as you said …very funny….shall send it on to a few friend….thanks!

  4. Fo’ shizzle my nizzle. I love this video so much. The denialists need a kick where the sun don’t shine and that is the truth. Word.

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