Wrong side of something!

Wrong side of something!

A bed has sides, for to
wake up on the wrong side of,

my clock is alarmed and so am I,
amnesia of sleep trickery wins the day,

my breakfast in bed is missing
in action, feared dead,

my coffee is black, deserted
by milk, awol – again,

my toast is burnt – a consequence of stubborn
refusal to budge,

my dog is late for the great outdoors,
the kids are late for the bus,

and I am too late,
she cried, as she waved her wooden leg.

21 thoughts on “Wrong side of something!

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  1. Note: the expression ‘too late she cried as she waved her wooden leg’ is one my mum often said – we are not sure where it originated from (I don’t think many people have heard it before, though a couple of my friends have – it might have come from a stage show in the forties or fifties). If anyone knows 🙂 please tell!

    1. Haha – we can break all the grammatical rules squrrel in an upside down poem 😉 It is the weirdest expression but very apt in so many different situations (the absurd image of the waving wooden leg always brings a smile to my dial 🙂 )

  2. Whoa! After reading that I’ve got vertigo and might just crawl back into bed – ha, ha – really enjoyed this upside-down game and play on words, Gabrielle

  3. this is great! love the image at the end waving the wooden leg ha ha. this one is so original and fun
    i will revisit it again and again for the pure delight

  4. Oh I love the backwards-forwards play around with words … and as for those different sides of the bed … well yes, I know them both well.

    PS. That wooden leg saying always cracks me up Gabrielle … it’s wonderful to see you include it in one of your poems (and in such a perfect way).

    1. I remember that you knew the saying Tracey (thank goodness someone’s heard it before). I felt I should preserve it in a poem before it gets lost for all time – thanks 🙂

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