24 thoughts on “Hansel and Gretel

  1. I love this poem, Gabrielle – very clever! It is amazing that all these things are free, isn’t it? I wonder if the cookies will/do pay ultimately…

    1. I have no doubt at all adeeyoyo- even if the original Google Guys had the right intentions, the beast has been created and now there is a lot of pressure to make more money – advertisers want our attention and that is what is worth the money (well our attention which then leads to our opening our wallets and buying the products). I suppose it is not much different from free tv, with advertisers paying the big bucks to grab our attention – it’s free but we end up paying in different ways.

  2. What nasty little cookies… I think privacy has somehow become an old fashioned concept. Can get a little scary if you think about it too much!

    1. It is a very complex issue Graham and I don’t really care about things like targeted marketing – but I do care about young people with little experience of the world getting caught up in a web of their own making, when they don’t understand the impact of being too open on the internet (say anything to anyone) and then it comes back to bite them in the bum when they apply for jobs etc., The ‘permanence ‘of the internet records (cookies around for over 30 years) can mean that something you do in your youth will stay around for ages).

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  4. hey, would you like a cookie? sounds so yummy ha ha, but…..cookie monster ha ha. and you can delete the cookies but it is everso inconvenient to have to retype everything again when your familiar sites dont recognize you any more. the price paid again. freedom really costs big on vigilance.

    1. You’d think so Benedicte and it is true for now, that is why there is only minimal targeted advertising, but in the future the technology will be much more sophisticated. Today the cookies are already linked back to you as the individual and they have some programs to profile the cookies (it would in most cases be a fairly accurate representation of an individual as past behaviour is a good predictor of future behaviour and also it is usually only a computer that is knowing about you – weird hey!) But anyone with access to that information could be able to track your movements and find you in the real world – scary if you are being stalked or have been wrongfully accused of something or have your identity stolen.

  5. wonderful

    (but watch out, with all these posts I am sure they will come for you soon. or start sending you to to wrong websites on your google searches 😉 )

  6. Absolutely freaking brilliant. The Google Search Engine Police are after us all. Love the cookies instead of the breadcrumbs. So good!!

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