If you are worried about privacy and the sheer volume of information that Google has on you, you should be!

Googling provides the googler with lots of information, but your cookies are being cooked.

The other day I watched this obscure video (below) on youtube – Woodie Guthrie’s ‘All you fascists bound to lose’ (I followed a link provided by someone else to get to the video).

And guess what happened next.

I got a recommendation from Amazon.com via email for this book:

“This Machine Kills Fascists” by Woody Guthrie

Coincidence! I don’t think so.

When a company has massive amounts of information on people than obviously they are going to try to use that information to make money (and direct advertising is the way of the future – apparently). If Google is selling information about googlers to companies like Amazon, then this process should be transparent to all involved (or am I missing something – they’re not the same company are they?).

I know a lot of people couldn’t care less about privacy, espcially young people, but I think it is something worth thinking about (and if you have something to hide – which I don’t – then you should be very concerned).

My blogging friend The Querulous Squirrel has raised some further issues, about Google, if you want to read more.

What do you think?

Do you care about privacy or is privacy old hat in this day and age?

Would you change your mind if you lost your job because of information obtained via internet logs?

Some food for thought.