30 thoughts on “Dragonfly

  1. “shimmer” – love that word – that and “flashes” – perfect description of this beautiful creature. Did you take that photo, Gabrielle?

    1. Yes, I take all the photos on the blog bluebee (except one or two, and then I always say where I get them from) – I took it on my last walk through the adjacent national park, but when I got home the lens came apart so needs fixing (don’t know how that happened)! Thanks 🙂

  2. Dragonflies are such exquisite creatures. Shimmery, glimmery. I always wonder how they survive in such a brutal world. They truly are a piece of fine art. Gorgeous, Gabe.

    1. Thanks Selma – I met Australia’s leading expert on dragonflies a couple of years back (he took us for a walk through our national park) – I thought he must be a very patient man to study such a difficult subject (flitting all over the place etc.,)

  3. Beautiful, both words and image. Love dragonflies…almost as much as my son does. Last summer he begged me to rescue a young blue dragonfly from a spider’s web. Somehow, I managed to get it out and clean the sticky threads from its legs and wings, then watched it fly away. About as close to transcendence as I’ve ever come 🙂

  4. oh. yeah. beauty. i did miss this one Gabrielle. thank you for linking me to it. ha. beauty image. beauty words.

    yeah, i’m doing some dragonfly images too. i dont often get a chance to photograph them here – once in a great great while – but suddenly without warning and then gone. and then years before another.

    hover craft
    the vermilion body
    a brush stroke

    oh. i like that, i may have to push that into haiga. cool. inspired by your work. aloha.

    …ha. i’ve already tweaked it. if i push it into haiga, you’ll see it. it may still be tweaked more… bwahahahahahaha. fun. aloha – r.

    sheesh. 3 or 4 versions now. bwahahahahahaha. fun. fun. aloha aloha.

  5. Hahahaha – you have a lot of energy Rick – I love the ku (hover craft, yes, helicopter, hyperactive fairy – haha – vermilion is a wonderful word). Looking forward to the final version ps. Benedicte is having a blog holiday for a month if you are wondering what’s happened to her.

    1. fun is always a good source of energy. yeah. thank you. i have too many ideas and want-to-do lists sometimes. way fun tho.

      yeah, i really like that word vermilion too. not the first time i’ve… found it fun… it shows up in things i do every so often… this is from a “Skinny Alphabet Book” project i did in 2007/08:


      thanks for the heads-up on Benedicte’s holiday. yeah, i saw that – i actually posted to her last posts recently. i have lapses of getting around to blogs then i have zoom-ins where i get to some. but never enough. sheesh. must be like wine and cheese – and mushrooms too. never enough. bwahahahahaha

        1. thank you Gabrielle – that alphabet book was fun to do. may be some day i’ll put it together. bwahahahaha. or do another in a more easily published format. it’s 2:23 AM. and i’m not hungry at all. bwhahaha – cool on that. aloha.

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