12 thoughts on “‘Young Tory of the Year’ A Little Bit of Fry and Laurie

  1. ‘Keynote speeches concentrating on ignorance and prejudice…’ love it.
    This is fantastic. I suspect Tony Abbott wouldn’t be pleased…..

  2. Yes Selma! And the list must include Bronnie Bishop and Chrisopher Pyne who was such a DH on Q and A last night. But they’re all getting into the ‘agreed phrases’ straight jacket to protect themselves from media ‘division in the ranks’ sleuths!
    However I loved it when Nicloa Roxon called Abbott Dr No! How appropriate.
    I might have to stop listening to parliament. The ignorance is too depressing!

    1. I always think of Tony Abbott more as Number 2 (no pun intended…)
      I am having trouble listening to parliament at the moment too. I cannot accept that they actually believe what they’re saying. If they do there is no hope and we may as well get Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie in to run the country. Strewth!

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