The Great Flood

Then the deluge came:
inunundation of disaster updates,
surging soundbites,
flooding us with images –
torrents of facts and figures,
downpouring of human drama and despair,
drowning in torrid details,
soaking in their ratings revival,
– saturation coverage
swamping us with talking heads,
(and brilliant white teeth)
drenching us in understatements,
showering us with clichΓ©s and inanity,
submerging us with victim intrusions
and protruding news bursts,
We wouldn’t want to cloudburst on their parade!

19 thoughts on “The Great Flood

  1. Those brilliant white teeth always introduce a surreal aspect into disaster coverage for me. I think to myself : ‘This is devastating and people are dying but all I can focus on are those blinkin’ teeth.’ I think newsreaders with teeth like that are planted there to send a subliminal message that everything is alright so there isn’t mass panic. If the newsreader looks like he’s got it together everything is together, right?

    Brilliant poem!

  2. the disconnect between cataclysmic events and the way they are disclosed by the news media is well captured — we need poetry to bring the right voice back to the trials and beauty of nature

  3. Great stuff, Gabrielle, love the way you link the flood to the media’s coverage, – especially hitting on their weakness for white teeth. Can’t have a news report without it. Nor the word ‘inundation’.

    1. Haha – that’s right Ashley – sometimes think journos and newsreaders need to use the old thesaurus a bit more often, to spice things up a bit. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

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