Mum and Bub

Mum and Bub

Old Blue Eyes

There is a partially blind kangaroo who hangs around our garden – the blind eye looks blue and I call her Old Blue Eyes.

I called her that when I thought she was a male, then one day I noticed she had a baby (a joey) in-pouch. That joey is out of the pouch now!

Mum and out of pouch joey

Old Blue Eyes is a bit of an outsider with the local mob and tends to graze by herself, with her joey. I think she feels safe at our place and doesn’t get spooked when I walk past.

I took these photos yesterday. My children had left the ball there from the day before! (no, I didn’t put it there for the benefit of the photos).

Hmm, not sure what to do with this thing!
Now you've stopped eating Mum, can we play?
I wonder if you punch it or kick it?
You have to see my manager if you want to take my photograph, lady!

15 thoughts on “Mum and Bub

  1. Isn’t that joey gorgeous. But never try to cuddle one – it would be like picking a cat up by it’s tail ;). A baby joey got caught in some wire the other day and hubby had to save the day – the joey was twisting and turning like a crazed, possessed demon – hero man got the wire off thank goodness.

  2. That joey is so adorable. I feel bad for Old Blue Eyes. I hope she is OK with her impaired vision.

    Your hubby continues with the whole – The Man Is A Legend thing – now rescuing bubby joeys. What a kind heart he has. An awesome person, indeed.

    I love where you live. I love hearing about all the animals and seeing the beautiful sights. It really makes me happy!

    1. I feel bad for Old Blue Eyes too Selma – her eye problem has probably been the cause of her being an outsider of the mob – life is tough in kangaroo land. Shirl is a legend (wherever he lives) – I’d like to blog about him, but he is a bit suss on the whole blogging thing, unfortunately – he is the sort of person who would enter a burning building and successfully save everyone, without any injures πŸ˜‰ I am glad you like my wildlife stuff – I was worried Australians might think it was a bit ho-hum – you know, the ‘not another kangaroo!’ – haha,

    1. Thanks Benedicte – we’ve had less than usual this year (I think our dogs can scare them a bit – even though they only go outside for part of the day) but Old Bue Eyes is usually around (and the rest of the mob are just up the street).

  3. You live in a beautiful place Gabe! Thanks for sharing these… ol’ Blue Eyes and bub are gorgeous.

  4. fabulous photos gabrielle. tell me, are there any public concerns about overbreeding? like with cats, if you see the stats, wild ones multiply exponentially, but then the survival rate is testy.
    do you guys just leave them be to breed as they see fit? that would be my idea of a perfect balance…non-interference and cohabitation. among animal rescuers here, that idea is however, politically incorrect

    1. Tipota, the kangaroos are just left to breed as normal, around here – they aren’t culled, but they are in other parts of the country, especially by farmers, when the numbers get too great (and there numbers did increase with farming because of the increase in grasslands). I’m sure some of the local residents would like to see the numbers reduced, but certainly not me. It is unusual for kangaroos to come into town (our town is pretty unique – because of the proximity of the National Park). Remember kangaroos aren’t feral like domesticated cats that have gone wild. The council has signs up reminding people not to feed or interact with the kangaroos – and we just leave them to their own devices (it can be dangerous if you feed them). We have wildlife carers around here who look after injured kangaroos (and they are always getting hit by cars etc.,) – I’ve thought about doing it, and might one day πŸ™‚

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