a vision


a vision

pink dusk
on marble glass seas
waiting for dugong mermaids
to sweep me deep into another world

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  1. oh. i can understand that vision. aloha Gabrielle – yeah, you just swept us into another world with image and word. way beautiful eye and insight you have. cool. fun. aloha.

    1. Thanks Rick – a lovely comment (5/5 😉 ) – I’m sure you have seen similar visions in Hawaii – you inspire me too, with your wonderful art based on what is around you – thanks.

      1. aloha Gabrielle – you know, the more i look at everything right around me the more i realize everything is unique. and even if i look at the same thing tomorrow – it wont be like it was today.

        trying to keep that in mind i’m discovering as i walk over some of the same pathways looking for concrete fossil images that the same fossils look different every time i pass them. even the photographs of them on two different days are different.

        …i think this photo of yours is unique to you and this (that) moment.

        i’m also learning that when i see something i want to photograph or draw i’d better do it when i see it because if i dont, yeah, it’ll never be the same again.

        ha. and you just concreted some of these thoughts in me here in your comments. bwahahahaha – way fun. aloha.

        1. Haha – Rick – thoughts in concrete (that’s what a poem is, in a way, a solidifying of transient thoughts, for a point in time and a particular perspective – that will probably change very quickly). I am learning to take my camera with me in the car so I can capture moments – used to only have it at home, as it is not the size you can keep in your back pocket – haha) – wouldn’t it be good to have a shrinking or collapsible camera.

  2. Okay, this is about as much Australia as a Washington DC native can take. Where’s the passport office? I need plane tickets!! Australia is just too, too beautiful! And your poem, a small beauty-capsule, captures it so elegantly.

    1. Come on down Aletha 🙂 ‘small beauty-capsule’ is a lovely description – thank you – when you are on the plane, you can take notes for our next story ‘Pompi and Blanca come downunder’ – haha.

  3. “marble glass seas” and “dugong mermaids” speak of paradise born out by that perfect photo! The reflection of the sky colours in the wet sand is stunning. Makes me want to travel north to thaw the bones – it’s getting too chilly down here in the Big Smoke 🙂

    1. Thanks bb. If you come up this way, I can find out who you really are bluebee – haha 😉 It gets cold here at night, but beautiful in the day, especially if you are sitting in the sun.

  4. I can’t tell you how much I love this, Gabe. The colours, the textures, the light, the sense of the mystical it evokes. It is a story and a song at once. I can’t help but think that living in such a place would change my life.

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