Well it’s my birthday today.

Life is flying by at a rate of knots! (I think that’s a mixed metaphor, but who cares).

Things are pretty good – can’t complain.

Here is a couple of Syd James skycam photos of my little town (sort of secret location 😉 ).

I so wish I had got my pilot’s licence when I was younger so I could fly my little Cessna or some other smallish plane over my town and see the dolphins, dugong’s and whales frolicking in the Coral Sea.

Maybe I’ll go up in a hire plane (with someone else flying it of course) one day 🙂

Apparently I share my birthday with Liberace – haha.

31 thoughts on “Another year, another birthday!

  1. Happy birthday my sweet Taurus buddy! There are cards and a little something on the way but it will be late! grrr. Now go eat some cake girl! HUGS

  2. We are practically twins. It was my birthday on the 10th. I share my birthday with Fred Astaire, Sid Vicious and Bono. It explains a lot.

    I love, love, love those shots. They are simply spectacular. Wow. I would love to get the opportunity to take aerial shots like that. How amazing would it be???

    Have a fantabulous birthday, dear Gabrielle. With plenty of cake. Love to you XXX

    1. Wow – Fred Astaire and Sid Vicious (haha) are no peas in a pod 😉 We are practically twins Selma – no wonder we have so much in common. Graham Nunn’s birthday is on the 24th of May – he shares his birthday with Bob Dylan (not fair) The photos are amazing aren’t they – he did some of Fraser as well, which are just amazing. Here’s a piece of virtual cake for you dear 🙂

  3. liberace was a very cool dude, happy birthday to you both! gorgeous photos and thoughts on flying fun and literally uplifting

  4. Oh…sometimes on these blogs folks wish someone a happy birthday out of routine…but in your case I sincerely wish you all the best this coming year! Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  5. Can I pretend I live in a place where it is still the 16th and get the birthday wish in on time?
    No? Ok, so I will say this: You share a birthday with Liberace, but I assure you, that is where the sharing ends! But what flamboyance… maybe you do share that! Haha!
    Hervey bay is special, and as a temporary whale sanctury on their way up and down, second to none. One fell in love with Tiziana once…scary but nice.

    1. You’ll have to blog about your amorous whale adventures Stafford 😉 The whales tend to rest a bit further south than us – closer to the town of Hervey Bay – but we get the odd straggler.

  6. Wow! Happy Birthday! Looks like paradise there! Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Sorry we Americans are always a day late on everything — so I guess I’m hoping your birthday was great and that today is fabulous too!

    1. Haha – thanks Aletha – you Americans are allowed to be a day late 🙂 We had a great day (the kids even made multi-coloured confetti – hearts and squares – it is all over my office floor – haha).

  7. A very belated best birthday wishes to you!!!!!!! I hope you had the best day, in your piece of paradise, as evidenced by the above fab photos. xx

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