20 thoughts on “Gecko versus the Dragonfly

    1. Haha – I think ‘dinner in an instant’ is a brand name overseas – Maccas might be instant but they last forever with all those preservatives and stuff they put in it – haha.

    1. Thanks Stafford – when I first saw the gecko I couldn’t work out what the hell he had in his mouth, and then I realised – yuk! (not much fun for the dragonfly either – hey, it’s dark in here and oppressive!!!)

    1. Thanks Ben – I like the first line best too 🙂 What will eat the gecko – let’s see – probably a bird like an owl or butcher bird – though they are in the house a lot of the time and that would be pretty safe for them (they call them Asiatic House Gecko’s). A snake possibly!

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