I am over the moon (and howling) to see my poem ‘The Bone Collector’ published in the May-July 2011 edition of Sorcerous Signals, an award winning Fantasy Webzine, published by science fiction and fantasy author and editor Carol Hightshoes from Colorado, USA.

Sorcerous Signals includes short stories, poetry and flash fiction.

You can view my poem by clicking on this link

‘The Bone Collector’, a poem based on the legend of La Loba (as outlined in the book by Clarissa Pinkola EstΓ©s –Β  ‘Women who run with the wolves’ ) is accompanied by a wonderful illustration from Holly Eddy of a wolf and bones! It’s my dream come true – haha (I’m referring to a recurring wolf dream/nightmare that I experienced mainly in my teenage years πŸ˜‰ ).

The online magazine is free but there is also a print magazine called Mystic Signals which includes the work from Sorcerous Signals andΒ  The Lorelei Signal (and an additional 2 exclusive stories). The print magazine is available here.

Now I’m off to read the rest of the stories and poems.

22 thoughts on “Sorcerous Signals

  1. way cool Gabrielle – congratulations. that’s well worth a leap over the moon. and back again too. (wouldnt want to lose you into outer space!) way fun and well done. aloha.

  2. thats very exciting, gabrielle! looks fantastic, too, on the page with the illustration. your work really seems to lend itself to collaboration, like with the radio piece recently, it shows how inspiring it truly is!

  3. Congratulations on the success of your scary poem! And congratulations to Colorado, USA in publishing our Gabe! What a fine far distance for a poem to travel!

    1. Scary! Haha – it’s supposed to be uplifting Aletha, not scary (well for women anyhow πŸ˜‰ ) I love it when my poems go on an overseas holiday, especially to the States (maybe they will invite me along with them one day and we can stop at Washington DC and then a little extra trip to Canada).

  4. I read ‘The Bone Collector’ as a wonderful extended metaphor, Gabrielle, for breathing a new-found energy and life – congrats on its publication. bb

    1. Thanks bb – yes, it can be read that way, that women can find the strength and freedom if they look in the right place, a place we all know about intuitively but which we often suppress or deny.

  5. How good is this. !!!!! A fantastic accolade to have your work published here. Congratulations – onwards & upwards. x

  6. OMG. That last line. BAM. POW. It packs a punch. It actually gave me chills. I am bowing to you right now. Awesomeness in action !!!!

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