pink thinking

pink thinking

somewhere between red and white
is a shade for fairies and delirium

tremens induced elephants
(champagne and pink ladies
soaking the slippery slide
that’s Bollinger to methosville)

piped icing on delicate cupcakes
for little girls at birthday parties,
dressed and displayed in the same
old same old, pink



da dum, da dum,
da dum, da dum, da dum
da dum, da dum



cadillac, flamingo, Floyd,

Pink (get the party started)

floating somewhere between
red and white

or maybe it’s simply
a dilute red

yes, a definite possibility,

24 thoughts on “pink thinking

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    1. The poem must be read while still drinking – the hangover can come next (disclaimer – the pink in the picture is not necessarily representative of pinks everywhere πŸ™‚ ) Thanks Stafford.

      1. bwahahaha – exactly – it’s a fun poem Gabrielle. i like that. i also spent some time looking for a song i remember about pink. think pink. i thought it was by the Stray Cats – but i couldnt find it on youtube. there are others tho. bwahahahahaha. pink cadillac. yeah. fun.

          1. hahaha. yeah. cool. it came on fine. thanks.

            just in case you want it, here is (on piano) Henri Mancini – who wrote the music, playing it with a live band:

            next up… Pink Cadillac… yeah! bwahahahaaha.

  1. Gabe, I really like this one and perhaps will g far enough to say it is one of your best in my eyes right now.

    If i am not mistaken you have covered almost all the spectrum by now..

  2. pink to me is a bossy sort of in your face color. it needs to be dominant. i love pink, but its scary ha ha. kind of like this is, both cute and frightening

  3. I’m glad pink has a poem written about it, and one so lively! It’s such a joyful color. I have some pink plastic spoons in a cabinet, relics of my childhood, bought for birthday cake with these spoons left over, and every time I see them they make my heart glad. Just leave them there to be spied once in a while. Very sentimental — but tis true.

    Colors can communicate so much in purity by themselves. Love the pink boxes too. Just pink being pink.

    “piped icing on delicate cupcakes”

    1. Nothing nicer than iced cupcakes πŸ™‚ It is lovely that you kept the pink spoons Aletha. I’ll always have time for pink – did you know that pink used to be the colour of choice for boys (because of the relationship with the powerful red) and blue was for boys; and it was only in recent history that this was reversed and girls got pink while boys got blue – everything is relative I supposed.

  4. I ove this, Gabrielle – pink in all its metaphorical shades – good and bad – (and the PP stanza – great comic relief) – your colour poems are a master series in multi-layered meaning

  5. ‘We’ll drink and drink and drink to Lily the Pink, the Pink, the Pink. The saviour of the human race. For she invented medicinal compounds, so efficacious in every case.’

    I always think of that song whenever I see pink. And of Barbara Cartland with that extraordinary pink lipstick. And of some of the ecclesiastical robes they wear in the Vatican. And the crepe myrtles in Glebe Point Road in spring. And of the night I got smashed on pink champagne and ended up asleep under my friend’s coffee table and woke with such a crick in my neck that I couldn’t walk properly for a week.

    Oh, pink, you have a lot to answer for, but Gabrielle makes you interesting and worthwhile all over again!

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