Insert cliché title

Insert cliché title

'Crook by name ...'

Insert Cliché Title

Jim Croce soundtrack
in a leather suitcase –
photographs and memories

do you remember


cameras used film
negatives were stored
photographs were printed
at Indooroopilly Shoppingtown
while we caught up and roamed,


births, deaths, marriages
and aftermaths
were faithfully recorded
on my crappy camera
that I always carried,


everyone thought they had found the one,
then they found the next one
and the next one,


we wore hippy skirts
exotic accessories and footwear,
then moved on to Relax Wham t-shirts
permed hair
and near permanent scowls,


bad hair was everywhere,
our changing styles
matched our way-out friends –
now gone to the dogs
or missing in action,
a few just floated away with the tide …


we were inseparable

Me on the left (the only photo with a partial of the boots)

27 thoughts on “Insert cliché title

  1. I’ve been looking through my old photos – to see if I could get a photo of the boots for Benedicte (that photo is the only one, and you can only see the bottom of them – never mind – it’s good to go down memory lane, plus I got my head around my stupid scanner).

  2. Fantastic Gabe, reminds me of a poem I wrote a while back based on a childhood photo of me with my father, I will post it on my blog later and link back to yours – we might start a movement, a timewarp of sorts.

  3. Oh my…a few weeks ago I had to scan several old photos at my daughter’s request…a walk down memory lane for sure…made me wonder where some of those old friends went…perhaps washed out to sea as you suggest.

  4. “everyone thought they had found the one, then they found the next one and the next one,” – ha, ha – just love that, Gabrielle. I was rather heartened to find after meeting up with an old ‘way-out’ friend recently after 15 years, that she is still as way-out as ever but in a mature and rather suitable sort of way (there’s a poem brewing there somewhere) – just love the ‘Relax’ T-shirt pic (My title would be ‘Ignored by the hair’)

  5. Great photos Gabrielle, and such wonderful words.
    I’ve been finding myself reminiscing over old photos and even older memories of late … I think the cooler autumn weather makes me reflective.

    1. I had far worse hair than that on occasion Stafford – that is my natural curl, but decided to get it permed on top of that and I looked like a poodle 😉 – another time I dyed my hair black with Henna and it went green (like Irish Moss lollies) and I kept it that colour until it grew out – haha.

  6. You my dear, are most assuredly rocking the hair! 😉 As the 80’s were the only time my curly hair was actually in vogue rather than being a focus of mirth and pity, I completely loved this. I love dem der boots too Ms. Gabe and if I may say so you were brutal cool too. You are still a sizzler no matter what number birthday it is….err…you’re thirty this year right? 😉

  7. Excellent. You look like Drew Barrymore in that top photo – very cute. It’s funny because I was just looking some of my old stuff the other day and found all these negatives from my misspent youth. I don’t know what’s on half of them. There is something sort of mysterious and exciting about them that you just don’t get with digital. Brilliant poem!

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