The chook house

I have been very slack. Some time back (way too long, I know) I asked my readers to ‘Name the chook house?‘. My kids and I would select the name we liked best.

The waiting began!

Pompadour - the finest Chinese Silkie chicken (she thinks)

Well this long Easter weekend we finally came up with the name. Here is the total list of splendiferous suggestions (we were spoilt for choice and that is my excuse) and we have the people who made the suggestion in brackets:

KFC’s (Stafford Ray) – this suggestion is totally unacceptable 😉

Eggery Inn (opoetoo)

Imperial Palace – the Forbidden Sh*tty (Miriam)

Chook Chateau (Tracey Sargent)

Feather Fort (Tracey Sargent)

Fort Featherhead (tipota)

Chookropolis (tipota)

Chateau Silky (tipota)

Shirl’s Shack (Carolyn) – this suggestion is also totally unacceptable 😉

Le Bosquet (Aletha Kuschan)

Le Palais des Poules (Chartreuse)

Volaille Vivarium (Lisa)

Vive le Chook (Jane)

Le petite Trianon (Benedicte)

Cubby Cluck (Selma in the City)

Chook HQ (Selma in the City)

644 Squadron, Poultry Division (Selma in the City)

Chookingham Palace (Val B Russell)

Silky Suburb (Val B Russell)

Chookie City (Val B Russell)

Little Red Hen House (Me)


The winner is Miriam with The Imperial Palace – Forbidden Sh*tty. Well they are Chinese Silky chikens and they do poop a lot – haha. My kids particularly liked the second part of the title (even though Miriam didn’t intend that bit to be in the official title). Thanks Miriam 🙂

The runners up were Chookingham Palace by Val – we have a royal wedding this week – and Le petite Trianon by Benedicte (for it’s reference to the real Madame Pompadour).

I will have to get round to making the sign now. Thanks everyone 🙂

16 thoughts on “Name the chook house – result is finally in!

  1. I am hurt! My name was just as good 😛 Only kidding I love the chosen name it suits them beautifully, especially the 2nd part. Hugs to all!

  2. A wise choice Gabe! LOL this was fun and those chickens are adorable. You should check out if you haven’t already, the toons are hilarious and the chickens are the stars. Congratulations Miriam! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you caught up with the result Miriam 🙂 I do want to get a sign or plaque done (I love my signs – haha – we have one on the house that says ‘frog lodge’ and a coop without a sign is just plucked – hmm, I mean – just not the done deal).

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