20 thoughts on “Emu Capers

  1. I must confess that I have a fear of Emus … one too many traumatic childhood experiences at zoos I think (I remember one trying to steal my ‘salt n vinegar’ chips once …

    1. Everyone should have a fear of Emu’s Tracey – they are bloody dangerous birds and fearless – I remember visiting Lone Pine for school (primary school) and an Emu jumped on the back of one of my classmates – they keep them behind fences now!

  2. Romance as it should be! She’s a cutie! And she seems to be “thinking it over.”

    Here’s wishing good luck to the hopeful fellow!

  3. Are you saying you actually have real live emus in your street? I am freaking out because I have never seen one up close like that. How fantabulous is that??? I might just need to come up and live your way – I would be in raptures every day over the wildlife. What a super duper photo!

    1. Yes, that is what I am saying Selma – the marriage proposal is happening right there on our footpath. Our dogs tried to chase an emu one day and the emu just turned casually around and started to chase them – the dogs got out of their, with tails tucked under their legs, as fast as they could go – haha. One curious emu went into the garage one day while hubby was working on something and he got such a shock (Shirl that is, not the emu). You would love it around here Selma – come on up 🙂

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